Posted on 2019-12-12

EcoMatcher goes South America!

December 12, 2019 – EcoMatcher is proud to announce a partnership with Plant Your Future, an amazing nonprofit specialized in tree-planting in Peru. Plant Your Future empowers smallholder farmers in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest to restore their deforested and degraded land with productive agroforestry — planting…

Posted on 2019-08-24

Life of a Tree Planter

[Guest blog by Chime Ngawang, intern EcoMatcher June – August 2019] Here at EcoMatcher, we provide tree planting as business solutions, connecting trees planted in various communities across the world with corporations that can utilize trees for innovative purposes. But what is it like, living…

Posted on 2017-08-23

EcoMatcher got Central Americas covered with AIR Guatemala

EcoMatcher is proud to announce a partnership with AIR Guatemala, EcoMatcher’s first venture in the Americas. With AIR, EcoMatcher is now able to offer tree-planting opportunities in all major time zones (Asia, Europe/Africa, and the Americas). For every tree planted through EcoMatcher, you will know…

Posted on 2017-07-18

Introducing Tree Adoption Uganda (TAU)

By Dr Charles Batte, Founder and CEO of TAU.  Tree Adoption Uganda (TAU) is a youth-centric NGO powered by the vision of creating communities where people and nature flourish. Through landscape restoration activities like planting trees and agroforestry, we build resilience for small holder farmers…