Become a tree planting partner

Prove your organization

Selecting partners for our platform is a thorough process for which we not only have defined acceptance guidelines but also an assessment questionnaire. The questionnaire establishes whether your organization reflects EcoMatcher’s values and criteria by gauging its mission and practices on sustainability, governance, tree planting, and their social and environmental goals and achievements.


Once an organization has met the guidelines and passed the assessment questionnaire successfully, it will be accepted into EcoMatcher’s online platform. To ensure that the organization continues to adhere to our assessment criteria, we will appraise it annually and review not only the guidelines but also request for organizations to repeat the assessment questionnaire each year.

Step by step

1. Complete the questionnaire

You need to enter information about your organization relating to your tree planting activity. To download the questionnaire, please click here.


Please note that the questionnaire is property of EcoMatcher and cannot be copied, in part or in whole, without written consent from EcoMatcher.

2. Send to EcoMatcher

After completing the questionnaire, please send the results to