Enable your customer or employee to redeem trees

  • Submit a landing page design for redemption

  • Send landing page URL (one URL) to customers

  • Trees can be redeemed by customers

Enable your customer or employee to redeem trees

With this option you can create a generic landing page (e.g. www.ecomatcher.com/campaign), where someone can enter a unique number you set (e.g. your product serial number, employee number, etc), and can enter an email address. If the number and email format is correct, EcoMatcher will send the person a customized email linked to a tree.


The advantage of the redeem feature is that you have one landing page URL, and that you only gift trees if people redeem the trees.


Please get in touch with us for further details.


Learn in detail how the redeem page works from this video or see below an example of a redeem page.

Step 1

Enter code

Step 2

Enter email

Step 3


How does it work?

When someone (“tree recipient” or “recipient”) gets gifted a tree by email, they will see a button at the bottom of the email. When the recipient clicks the button, they will be directed first to a trees landing page.


The landing page offers the recipient a number of options:

  • Virtually travel to the tree and learn more about the tree and planter;
  • Register the tree under the recipient’s account;
  • Name the tree;
  • Download a tree certificate.


The default language of the landing page is English, but EcoMatcher also offers numerous other languages, including Spanish and Chinese.

Landing page

Gift box opened

Track your tree