sustainability at work: SMART tree planting


Consumers increasingly demand more clarity, transparency and visible action from companies in what they do with respect to sustainability. EcoMatcher is the world’s first technology platform that enables businesses to increase customer and employee engagement on sustainability through Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Relevant and Transparent (SMART) tree planting.


Companies can adopt specific trees through EcoMatcher’s platform planted by vetted non-profit organisations / NGOs in a range of countries. The platform gives access to measurable data about those trees: the exact location of each tree, the species, the CO2 sequestration potential and information about the farmer caring for the tree.


Digital tools are being provided to fully make use of the newly planted trees for loyalty, engagement and transparent carbon offsetting programs. EcoMatcher’s platform makes sustainability and tree planting actionable, relevant and transparent.


Through EcoMatcher’s platform you can set up for example:

Corporate Gifting

Give customers a tree they can feel good about. Check out below video.

Reward Programs

Give a tree as a reward and let customers build their personal forest by collecting trees.

Engagement Programs

Adopt a forest and give each employee / participant a tree in that forest. Let people “meet” their peers in this forest.

Carbon-offset Programs

Know precisely how you offset your carbon. A company can offset their carbon footprint with trees, and share the trees with stakeholders as proof.


Through the EcoMatcher platform:

1. A company can choose a tree planting organisation / NGO and adopt trees.

2. A company can give those trees as a (digital) gift or reward.

3. The tree recipient can track the tree with TreeTracker and can learn more.

4. The recipient can share the experience and can adopt more trees.


TreeTracker offers full transparency. You will know precisely where the tree is located, the species, the CO2 sequestration potential and information about the farmer caring for the tree, and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals that have been met by your support.


EcoMatcher partners with non-profit organisations / NGOs around the world, specializing in tree planting. These NGOs have been carefully selected and vetted by us. We provide these NGOs a platform to market themselves globally and raise funds while increasing their impact.