sustainability at work: gifting that matters


By enabling companies to give their customers and employees a newly planted tree as a meaningful gift, we help businesses:

– Participate in sustainable development

– Grow as an eco-conscious company

– Engage customers and employees in eco matters


1. A company chooses a tree foundation and adopt trees.

2. A company gives those trees as a (digital) gift or reward.

3. The tree recipient can track the tree with CauseTracker and learn more.

4. The recipient can share the experience and adopt more trees.


CauseTracker offers full transparency. You will know precisely where the tree is located, the name of the farmer who planted the tree, and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals that has been met with you support.


EcoMatcher partners with foundations planting trees from different parts of the world. These foundations have been carefully selected and vetted. We provide these foundations a platform to market themselves globally and raise funds while increasing their impact.