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What Do We Address


On one hand we are confronted with deforestation and unsustainable farming in developing countries. On the other hand, in developed countries, companies need to become more sustainable by law, companies realize that being sustainable is good for talent management and the bottom line and consumers demand more transparency from companies regarding sustainability.


Can’t those issues not be addressed at the same time?


Introducing EcoMatcher

EcoMatcher, a certified B Corporation, helps companies through transparent tree planting to become visibly more sustainable, address CSR, attain talents and improve the bottom line and at the same time, addresses deforestation and unsustainable farming.


Companies can adopt specific trees planted by vetted sustainable tree farming organizations in a range of countries. EcoMatcher provides for each tree the exact location of each tree, a unique photo of the tree, the tree species, the farmer caring for the tree, a photo of the farmer and more.


Through EcoMatcher’s platform you for example can set up:

Reward Programs

Give a tree or trees as a reward for participating in a survey.

Engagement Programs

Adopt a forest and give each employee a tree in that forest.

Loyalty Programs

Give customers a tree or trees instead of a plastic item.

Carbon-offset Programs

Know precisely how you offset your carbon foot print.

How It Works

EcoMatcher System

① Farmers plant the trees; tree data incl. GPS is recorded with our TreeCorder app.

② Tree records and tools are easily accessible via our API based TreeManager.

③ Trees can be used for reward, engagement, loyalty and carbon offset programs.

④ Trees can be tracked and (social media) shared via our TreeTracker web app.


EcoMatcher partners with sustainable farming organizations around the world, specialized in tree planting. These organizations have been carefully selected and vetted by us.


EcoMatcher provides those organizations funding and financing to increase their impact, technologies to improve their operation and a platform to market themselves globally.

Some of Our Clients