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Transparent Tree Adoption Solutions

What Can You Do With EcoMatcher?

Reward Programs


Give specific trees as a reward for participating in a market survey.

Engagement Programs


Give specific trees and make your team part of your sustainability journey.

Loyalty Programs


Give your customers specific trees instead of a plastic item.

Event Programs


Allow event participants to offset their carbon foot print with a number of specific trees.

How It Works

① Farmers plant the trees; tree data incl. GPS is recorded with our TreeCorder app.
② Tree records and tools are easily accessible via our API based TreeManager.
③ Trees can be used for reward, engagement, loyalty and event programs.
④ Trees can be tracked and (social media) shared via our TreeTracker web app.

The New Sustainability – Regeneration

Doing less harm is no longer enough. The future of sustainability lies in regeneration: seeking to restore and replenish what we have lost.


People are already operating from a sustainability mindset. They are increasing the pressure on brands, calling for greater transparency and pushing for more sustainable options.


EcoMatcher believes that businesses have an opportunity to play a decisive role in the sustainable future, putting regeneration at the heart of strategy and improve their business.

Why EcoMatcher?

Through EcoMatcher:


   You can adopt newly planted trees;
   You know everything about every tree you adopt, even the farmer;
   You know that all trees are planted by vetted tree organisations;
   You help to address deforestation and regeneration;
   You can easily set up reward, engagement, loyalty and event programs;
   You have access to online reports;
   You improve your business!


EcoMatcher partners with sustainable farming organizations around the world, specialized in tree planting. These organizations have been carefully selected and vetted by us.


EcoMatcher provides those organizations funding and financing to increase their impact, technologies to improve their operation and a platform to market themselves globally.

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