Posted on 2023-03-14

Harvard Business Publishing Education Publishes Case Studies on EcoMatcher

The two business case studies on EcoMatcher, developed by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology’s Business School, one of the world’s leading business schools in Asia, were approved and published by Harvard Business Publishing Education. The first case study is titled “EcoMatcher: Beyond…

Posted on 2023-03-13

The importance of incorporating green spaces in city planning

The Singapore government’s “Garden City” campaign, launched in the 1960s, aimed to transform Singapore into a green and lush city. Since then, Singapore has significantly invested in creating new parks, nature reserves, and other green spaces, including the popular Gardens by the Bay and the…

Posted on 2023-03-01

EcoMatcher Category Maker Sustainability in Microsoft Teams

Hong Kong, March 1, 2023 – Last November, at COP27, EcoMatcher launched the first version of the EcoMatcher App for Microsoft Teams, enabling Teams users to plant and track trees, all without leaving Teams.  Today, at the request of EcoMatcher, Microsoft has added the Category Sustainability to…

Posted on 2023-02-19

Stewards of the land: the power of Indigenous communities in fostering healthy forests

In 2020, the Brazilian government officially recognized the ownership of the Xingu Indigenous Park by the Indigenous people who live there. This recognition gave the Indigenous communities complete control over the 27,000 square kilometers of protected forest, home to more than 16 different ethnic groups….

Posted on 2023-02-11

The Role of Renewable Energy

As the world moves towards a low-carbon economy, the need for clean and sustainable energy sources has never been greater. Climate change threatens not just the environment but also everything that depends on it: human and animal health, food and water security, and economic stability,…

Posted on 2023-01-22

The Environmental Impacts of Food and Diet

The environment is essential to our lives, providing us with the resources we need to survive. However, human activities have significantly impacted the environment, leading to various issues such as climate change, deforestation, and pollution. How we produce, consume, and dispose of goods and services,…

Posted on 2023-01-15

Corporate Sustainability Trends to Watch Out For in 2023

Companies that embrace sustainability are investing in their future. What are the latest trends in corporate sustainability?

Posted on 2022-12-27

Feel-good Environmental News to Make Your Holidays Festive

Can you believe the holiday season has already arrived? We have compiled some highly uplifting environmental stories to help you get in the holiday spirit. You may relax during the holidays knowing that despite everything, we’ve made significant progress toward a bright future for all…

Posted on 2022-12-12

TAU Partnership, a Progress Report

By Batte Charles, Tree Adoption Uganda   Kampala, Uganda, December 12, 2022 – In June 2017, Tree Adoption Uganda and EcoMatcher signed a cooperation agreement to plant trees in Uganda and to capture all trees planted with EcoMatcher’s Technologies. This tree-planting initiative has been implemented across…

Posted on 2022-12-08

It’s the Season to Give Environment-Friendly Gifts

Gifting season is often the most confusing time for those who love the planet. Gifts help to show people that they are appreciated but also generate enormous amounts of waste and damage to the planet. That impact is multiplied in larger companies, where seasonal gifting…

Posted on 2022-11-23

PROAmazonia and EcoMatcher Partnership: Progress Report

By Giovanny Romero, PROAmazonia In March 2021, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and EcoMatcher signed an agreement to plant 83,636 trees in the Amazon province of Zamora Chinchipe in Ecuador and track all trees with EcoMatcher’s Technologies. This initiative has been implemented in the…

Posted on 2022-11-17

Why Partner with a Tree Planting Business

The corporate and charitable sectors have long practiced tree planting, as it has become a safe and unobtrusive strategy for the philanthropic arm of many large businesses. What started as PR fodder has now become an essential component of many companies’ sustainability plans.  At the…