Posted on 2024-04-15

Green Leadership: Driving Sustainable Practices in an Organisation

In the era of environmental awareness, the call for sustainability echoes louder than ever. For organizations vested in the future of our planet, like tree-planting entities, leading the charge toward a greener tomorrow is not just an option—it’s a responsibility. At the heart of this…

Posted on 2024-03-25

Seeding the Future: How Innovation in Climate Tech is Redefining Green Solutions

Climate technology encompasses a broad range of tools and innovations designed to mitigate the impacts of climate change, enhance resilience, and drive sustainable growth. From renewable energy systems to advanced materials that reduce industrial carbon emissions, the scope of climate tech is vast and dynamic….

Posted on 2024-03-10

Everything You Need to Know About the Types of Forests

Step into a world where forests are more than just trees—they’re the pulse of our planet. From the Amazon’s rich biodiversity to the resilient mangroves of the Sundarbans, explore the diverse ecosystems shaping our world. Join me as we delve into the importance of forest…

Posted on 2024-02-24

How to Travel Sustainably: A Guide for Eco-Conscious Explorers

Embark on a journey of sustainability! Discover how sustainable travel nurtures the environment, empowers local communities, and celebrates cultural heritage. Learn practical tips to minimize your footprint and maximize your impact. Join us in shaping a brighter future for travel and the planet.  Sustainable travel…

Posted on 2024-02-11

The Signs of a Healthy Forest

Discover the secrets of forest vitality! Delve into the intricate web of life, from diverse vegetation to resilient ecosystems. Explore innovative monitoring techniques and learn how you can champion forest health. Join us in safeguarding these vital ecosystems for generations to come.  Forests are the…

Posted on 2024-02-02

How to calculate CO2 sequestration

Written by Wika Wulandari, Forestry and Carbon Specialist EcoMatcher. In the intricate and dynamic ecosystems of forests, a crucial ecological process is unfolding that has significant implications for our planet’s carbon balance. Tropical forests are adept at producing 34% of oxygen [1]. This capability is…

Posted on 2024-01-10

Planting for the Future: A Guide to Tree Planting

On a crisp autumn weekend, a group of volunteers from a local environmental organisation gathered in a suburban park for a tree-planting event. Among them was David, a gardener with a passion for urban planting. As he selected a spot to plant his oak sapling,…

Posted on 2023-11-22

Elevate the impacts of events and conferences with Scan2Plant

Hong Kong, November 22, 2023 — EcoMatcher, a leading global green-tech company committed to combating deforestation and promoting sustainable practices, is thrilled to unveil its ground-breaking latest innovation, Scan2Plant, designed to elevate the impact of events and conferences to help foster a greener planet. With Scan2Plant, event and…

Posted on 2023-11-20

Wetlands and Why They Matter

Summary: Wetlands, essential for biodiversity, water regulation, and climate balance, are often undervalued. They act as natural filters, purifying water and reducing the need for man-made treatment facilities. Serving as wildlife habitats and carbon stores, wetlands also contribute to flood control. However, human activities threaten them,…

Posted on 2023-11-16

Navigating the Climate Crisis: Essential Reads, Watches, and Listens

Our planet is at a pivotal juncture. Climate change, a consequence of various anthropogenic activities, reshapes landscapes, affects biodiversity, and alters global weather patterns. The cascading effects touch every aspect of our lives, from food to places we call home. To navigate these complex challenges…

Posted on 2023-10-24

What is biodiversity and why does it matter?

Summary: Biodiversity encompasses the rich variety of life on Earth, including genetic, species, and ecosystem diversity. Genetic diversity ensures species adaptability, while species diversity represents the multitude of life forms. Ecosystem diversity encompasses various habitats and their essential services. Biodiversity is vital for ecosystem resilience, essential…

Posted on 2023-10-18

Introducing TreeApp 4.0 with TreeTracker 3D

Hong Kong, October 18, 2023 — EcoMatcher, a leading green-tech company committed to combating deforestation and promoting sustainable practices, is thrilled to announce version 4.0 of its consumer TreeApp for iOS and Android.  TreeApp 4.0 introduces a range of innovative new features and improvements designed to…