EcoMatcher Academy

Welcome to the EcoMatcher Academy, your one-stop shop to kick start your EcoMatcher journey. You’ll find short explainer videos that should help you understand how to best leverage the EcoMatcher platform and solutions. We will regularly add new videos so stay tuned. Happy learning!


Video 1: EcoMatcher, an Overview

July, 2021

New to EcoMatcher? This is your video! Learn what EcoMatcher can do for you. Ready to make a difference? [2 minutes]

Video 2: Create an EcoMatcher Account

March, 2021

To track all your trees or make use of all tree gifting tools, you need an EcoMatcher account. Learn how to create one! [2 minutes]

Video 3: Send trees to your customers or employees

March, 2021

Explore all online and integration tools EcoMatcher offers to send trees, including EcoMatchers API, WooCommerce and Shopify plugins. [3 minutes]

Video 4: See how your recipients receive trees

March, 2021

Watch what the tree recipient will experience once she/he gets a tree, but also learn more about the customization possibilities. [2 minutes]

Video 5: Learn how to send emails linked to trees

May, 2021

Learn how to send fully customised emails each linked to unique trees to your employees or customers. [3 minutes]

Video 6: How to download an Excel with tree links

June, 2021

Learn how to download an Excel spreadsheet with tree links that you can use in your own marketing email system. [2 minutes]

Video 7: An Example of a Redeem Page

June, 2021

This video shows you an example of how the redeem page feature of EcoMatcher works, both for desktop and mobile. [2 minutes]

Video 8: How to Name a Tree

June, 2021

Every tree can be named. This video shows you how to do that. Be creative! [1 minutes]

Video 9: View Your trees, ESG Report, and more

June, 2021

Explore “My Account” where you can find all your trees, your forests, ESG, and insights report [2 minutes]

Video 10: Customize your profile

June, 2021

Learn how to upload your logo, customize the tree marker, set your color, and enter your website and social media details. [2 minutes]

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