Install Shopify App and sell/gift trees

  • Integrate our Shopify plugin

  • Build some trees’ stock in your account

  • Sell/gift trees and fight the climate crisis

EcoMatcher enables any company using Shopify to integrate tree planting into their cart; customers can now add trees to their cart, and upon checkout, will get all details of all trees planted. Details like location, date of planting, type of tree, and even the planter: EcoMatcher offers full transparency. The customer can virtually travel to every tree using satellite maps and learn more.


Upon installing the “EcoMatcher App” on Shopify, automatically the ‘PLANT A TREE’ button will be added to your cart; once your customer selects the button, a tree will be added to their cart, one tree at a time. You can easily uninstall the plugin if you finally decide not to proceed.

How does it work?


1. Build stock

First, you need to build some stock of trees* through our shop. You can get the company key for plugin settings by clicking here. EcoMatcher will send you the company ID and API key to be used in the plugin setting.

* You need to have a minimum of 100 trees in your account first.


2. Install the plugin

You can directly install the plugin from your admin dashboard. Activate it and input your company ID and API key on the setting tab. Then you can go to the “update stock” tab in the plugin setting and click on the button to get your account’s latest stock. After that, the ‘Plant a Tree’ button will be visible in your cart.


3. Customer purchases trees

Once your customer selects the ‘Plant a Tree’ button, one tree will be added to their cart.


4. Trees sent automatically

Upon check out, your customer will get automatically the tree link(s) that enables them to virtually travel to their tree(s). Tree link(s) will be sent together with the notification email of a successful transaction from Shopify. This is an example of such link:


5. We will keep you updated

Once your stock is running out, EcoMatcher will remind you to top up your tree stock.