You can choose between

3 options

  1. Trees can be tracked on EcoMatcher’s desktop and mobile-optimized website, its iOS/Android EcoMatcher App, and the EcoMatcher App for Microsoft Teams.
  2. TreeChain offers the next level of transparency in planting trees using advanced blockchain (distributed ledger) technology. Every tree is stored and visible on EcoMatcher’s TreeChain, and anyone can check any tree with TreeChain, including every tree’s transaction history. TreeChain is based on the EOSIO protocol, the leading open-source blockchain platform that enables transparency in transactions.
  3. Within ForestSounds, users have the option of immersing themselves in the tree’s local environment by listening to its forest sounds. ForestSounds depend on the tree’s weather conditions and time of day. With TreeChat, you can chat with your chatbot-powered tree. The objective is to make sustainability fun and engaging.
  4. The EcoMatcher App for Microsoft Teams is available in Microsoft’s App Store (AppSource). For details, please see here:
  5. Show your (Global) Forest through iframe technology on your website.
  6. EcoMatchers offers numerous APIs that enable you to link your digital platform to EcoMatcher, automate tree gifting, and more.

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