Championing Transparency in Tree Planting

From exception to norm: that’s the trajectory that environmentally conscious people like you and us want the concept of “giving back to the planet” to take. At EcoMatcher, we know we’re not alone when we say we’d like more and more organisations to normalise both giving back to the planet and maintaining it at its best state. 

Transparency is a core element of that duty to society. To set the context, tree planting is one of the most universal strategies to green the Earth — one that is accessible, cross-cultural, and fun to engage in. By extension, a project that is for the good of the planet should be public by default and open to all, right?

Unfortunately, the truth is far from that. Despite the growing number of organisations that offer this element of climate action to anyone and everyone under the sun, we often find that transparency is left in the dust. 

Why does transparency in tree planting matter?

There are many answers to that question, each more important than the last. That said, here are two key benefits in store for all stakeholders when transparency in tree planting is put up, front and center:

  • Transparency reveals and prevents greenwashing

We live in a world where perception holds more sway than reality — and even the environmental impact sector hasn’t been spared. Many organisations tend to pander to a ‘friends of the environment’ public image that functions as a smokescreen. It hides processes, products, and structures that aren’t in the least bit environmentally friendly. As a result, good-hearted consumers are often misled by strategies and end up supporting tree planting businesses that aren’t as clean as they make themselves out to be. Transparency in tree planting helps remove this smokescreen and reduces the work put in by consumers to see through the marketing jargon. With information on every product, process, and setup being out in the open, consumers are less likely to be waylaid on their otherwise well-meaning path. Even better, they learn enough to hold other similar organisations accountable. 

  • Encourages more authentic engagement 

Organisations that communicate and operate transparently and authentically are miles more credible. Consumers know that owning up to mistakes and openly sharing processes often signifies integrity. As a result, a transparent tree-planting organisation is better poised to build a loyal customer base built on authentic interactions. When each person knows how they’re making a difference and where their contributions are used, they’re more likely to subscribe to these processes of change than indulge in half-hearted contributions with other shadowy organisations. 

Who benefits from transparency in tree planting?

It’s not surprising that everyone has something to gain from embracing sustainability in tree planting. 

  • Businesses

Transparency helps businesses increase engagement. More importantly, it helps establish and maintain a loyal audience and an image in the industry that even the most targeted marketing efforts can’t match in authenticity. On the logistical side of things, transparency ensures that all elements in the process are held accountable, and issues can be tracked and fixed without being swept under the rug. 

  • Consumers

Consumer supporting transparent organisations will find that they have much more clarity about where their contributions are going. They’ll know what they’re supporting, which means that they’d be much more vocal about it to others with similar interests. 

  • Employees

Those working in transparent tree planting organisations will find that the honesty shown to outsiders also applies to them. Folks in such wonderful companies are more likely to feel loyal and be proud of repping their involvement. It also makes them better ambassadors — and who better to spread word of mouth about fantastic processes and honest firms than the employees themselves? 

  • Investors

Transparency in processes is a fantastic green flag for potential investors and a great sign for already committed investors. Since transparency has a push and pull effect on many other factors, including market reception and sustainable growth, it has a cascading positive effect on investments as well. 

How do partner organisations benefit from transparent tree planting organisations?

Partners play a critical role in the success and impact of tree planting organisations, and also stand to gain a lot from encouraging and ensuring the transparency of the process.

For one, the positive impact of transparency casts partner organisations in a positive light and conveys to their audience that they’re headed in the right direction.

Making information such as date of planting or purchase, species name, and the tree’s location helps calculate carbon offsetting contributions, which in turn makes the impact more transparent.

Partner organisations also, more tangibly, know exactly where their money is going and being used so that they have appropriate evidence to present during critical audits. 

How committed is EcoMatcher to ensuring transparency in tree planting?

In a phrase: very committed. But the longer answer involves several steps towards ensuring transparency across the board, from using top-tier technology, to putting partner organisations and individuals in the metaphorical driving seat. 

  • Blockchain for supply chain transparency

Blockchain is revolutionary for ensuring transparency in the supply chain, especially in a world where chunks of the chain are remote, digital, or in other countries. Such is the case with EcoMatcher.

Given the international nature of EcoMatcher’s process, the TreeChain blockchain becomes key to maintaining transparency. It provides better visibility and holds the right links in the chain accountable for mishaps or mistakes that may occur. The vice-versa also holds true: higher levels of accountability mean fewer mistakes are committed or get swept under the rug, and the tree planting experience is enhanced. 

  • Tree Tracker for visibility anytime, anywhere 

The Tree Tracker is simple in its purpose: helping those who buy trees see ‘their’ tree anywhere in the world. It shows key metrics such as CO2 sequestered, location, unique tree number, tree history, and even the tree’s height. But that simplicity belies just how important this feature is to ensure transparency and assure every customer that their tree is truly theirs. 

  • TreeCorder for in-depth records

The TreeCorder app makes it incredibly easy for organizations to make a record of each tree they’ve planted. Again, it includes all key information about individual trees, and regularly updates this data to the cloud for easy access. It has a built-in system that ensures each tree registered and photographed is unique. 

Transparency is forever, but the methods evolve

When systems and processes are public by default, we step closer to a more ethical and transparent world. But while this end goal remains the same, the process is ever evolving with new advancements in technology. EcoMatcher is committed to making the best decisions and investing in leading technologies that ensures transparency of our customers’ services and privacy.