Tree Planting

Posted on 2022-11-17

Why Partner with a Tree Planting Business

The corporate and charitable sectors have long practiced tree planting, as it has become a safe and unobtrusive strategy for the philanthropic arm of many large businesses. What started as PR fodder has now become an essential component of many companies’ sustainability plans.  At the…

Posted on 2022-08-17

How Tree Planting Engages and Empowers Women

There is a growing understanding that the issue of climate change cannot be handled in a vacuum while the world strives to solve it. For long, there wasn’t much noise about the socio-political dimensions of climate change, because its interpretation focused only on biophysical aspects….

Posted on 2022-07-17

6 Ways to Plant More Trees This Year

In maintaining the environment’s critical balance, trees perform a unique function. As the longest-living plant species in the world, they are not only crucial for survival but also act as a bridge between the past, present, and future.  Tree planting was once upon a time…

Posted on 2022-05-24

Sometimes, “More Trees” Isn’t the Answer

Tree planting is one of the most widely proposed solutions to climate change, and for a good reason. Just one mature tree can absorb 25 kilograms of CO2 in a year. Another study found that forests act as a “carbon sink” capable of absorbing 7.6 billion metric…

Posted on 2022-05-17

The Art of Forest Bathing

Imagine walking into a lush green forest, silent except for the sounds of nature. You can see birds flitting from one branch to another, feel a cool breeze on your face, and hear leaves crunching underneath your feet. As you spend more and more time…

Posted on 2021-09-17

The Value of Trees

Trees are living, breathing historical records. They first took root a whopping 385 million years ago. For context, trees were around during the Ice Age and when the Pyramids of Giza were brand-new. They’re some of the oldest living organisms in the world and have…

Posted on 2021-04-14

Want to hit 17 sustainable goals with 1 stone? Try tree planting

In 2015, the United Nations decided to establish the UN Sustainable Developmental Goals (SDGs), 17 goals dedicated to building a more sustainable and equitable world. Every year since, governments, businesses, and enterprises have been encouraged to adopt one or more of these goals and use…

Posted on 2021-02-10

Championing Transparency in Tree Planting

From exception to norm: that’s the trajectory that environmentally conscious people like you and us want the concept of “giving back to the planet” to take. At EcoMatcher, we know we’re not alone when we say we’d like more and more organisations to normalise both…

Posted on 2020-07-23

The State of Global Forests

With the United Nations’ Decade on Biodiversity drawing to a close this year, it seems timely to relook at the current state of global forests and what the future looks like for conservation.  Forests are home to most of the Earth’s terrestrial biodiversity, making them…

Posted on 2020-04-11

The Value of Trees in World Religions

Trees are prominent features in the tales and triumphs of religions all over the world. They’ve been seen throughout the ages as powerful symbols of prosperity and birth, often represented in the form of ‘trees of life’ or ‘gifts that keep on giving’.  The world…

Posted on 2020-04-02

Deforestation and Disease Dynamics

For the past few years, the conversation over disease has exponentially increased. Consider the Zika virus, preceded by the Ebola epidemic, succeeded by the new COVID19 super virus that has led to a global shut down.  Scientists have, for the past few years, screened and…

Posted on 2020-01-21

What is Agroforestry?

The increasing impact of climate change is a serious problem that cannot be waved away with the swift flick of a magic wand. Melting ice caps, growing deforestation, scarcity of fresh drinking water, increasing temperatures at a global level, ozone layer depletion; the list is…