EcoMatcher Unveils EcoTeams

Elevating Corporate Tree-Planting Initiatives with Enhanced User Management

Hong Kong, 5th of September 2023 – EcoMatcher is thrilled to announce the launch of EcoTeams, introducing a new way of user management that enables corporates to better organize their tree-planting projects across various employees and divisions, improving ownership, enhancing visibility, and introducing a sense of internal competition.

Key features of an EcoTeam are:

  • Hierarchical setup. EcoMatcher introduces the role of “Super Admin,” the driving force behind each EcoTeam. Anyone can become a Super Admin, set up an EcoTeam, and invite Admins “reporting” to them. This hierarchy fosters accountability and visibility.
  • Efficient tree management. A Super Admin can buy trees and distribute the trees among Admins who can use them for their projects. A Super Admin can revert trees from an Admin and redistribute them to other Admins. Admins can also buy trees themselves, which will become visible to the EcoTeam.
  • Increased visibility: Each EcoTeam member will have visibility of all their tree-planting projects and details, bringing clarity and a sense of competition among the members. Project details include the number of trees planted, the trees’ locations, the number of families helped, and carbon sequestration.

“We are thrilled to introduce EcoTeams, as requested by many clients,” said Bas Fransen, CEO and founder of EcoMatcher. “By offering a structured framework for tree-planting initiatives bringing accountability and visibility, EcoTeams can help corporates to engage their employees better and create a more sustainable future for all.”

To start an EcoTeam, go to and select EcoTeam. 

For more information about EcoTeams and how it can transform your organization’s sustainability efforts, please email