EcoMatcher Announces New Honorary Youth Ambassador

And recognizes 13-year old student, Elodie Lambotte, as the first to take up the role

Hong Kong, December 8, 2021 – EcoMatcher, a Certified B Corporation that plants trees for global organizations, has announced the appointment of its Honorary Youth Ambassador, a 13-year old student from Hong Kong, Elodie Lambotte. The new role seeks to foster cooperation between corporations and younger generations in relation to the climate crisis.

Bas Fransen, CEO EcoMatcher, said, “We live in the decade of action, and collective effort is required to address the biggest threat to humanity: the climate crisis. When Elodie contacted EcoMatcher, it became clear to us as a company that young people are under-represented and need their voices to be heard. As a social enterprise in the sustainability space, we have a responsibility to give Elodie and her peers an opportunity to be part of the solution in relation to climate change.”

Elodie, originally from Belgium, attends international school in Hong Kong. She is passionate about sustainability and raising awareness for programs such as EcoMatcher, which serves as a platform for companies to improve their approach to sustainability while helping to tackle the climate crisis in a transparent and accountable way.

After purchasing her own trees on the EcoMatcher website, Elodie, who is also a talented ventriloquist, contacted the company with a video she had created of herself and her “monkey” Jack. Upon receiving the video, Bas Fransen and his team met with Elodie and her family to discuss taking her proposal of becoming an ambassador forward. Bas commented, “It’s interesting how much has changed over a generation. Kids want different things now; they want a future. Elodie’s “I Have a Dream” speech really struck a chord with the whole team at EcoMatcher, and we’re delighted to appoint her in this honorary role.”

Elodie said, “I respect and admire young climate activists around the world, but I have a different approach. I want people to listen, but I do it by making them laugh, smile, and feel climate change is possible if we just all take a few steps together. So, I made the video with my “monkey” Jack, representing biodiversity. Through the “I Have a Dream” video, I want to express how young people and animals have a dream about a brighter and greener future and hope that company leaders get inspired and take action.”

Watch Elodie’s “I Have a Dream” here: