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You have selected trees planted by New Growth, a non-profit foundation in Nepal. Planting trees is not just about greenery, it is about transforming lives. You can join New Growth, EcoMatcher’s incredible partner in Nepal, in empowering communities to break free from poverty and environmental degradation by planting one tree at a time.


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See below what you can do immediately once you have purchased the trees.



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How it works

Once you have purchased the trees, you can immediately do the following:
  • Visit your trees virtually in mesmerizing 3D, learn more about the trees, the planters, and biodiversity,
    listen to ForestSounds, and so much more.
  • Send trees as gifts or rewards to your customers, employees, friends, and family, in customized way,
    using numerous easy-to-use proven digital tools. See below some examples.

Create and send custom emails linked to trees.



Download an Excel spreadsheet containing tree links.

QR Code

Generate QR codes linked to your trees.



Design TreeCards (7*5 inch) with QR codes linked to trees.