New Growth

Country: Nepal

The organisation

New Growth plants fruit, nut, and reforestation trees to aid communities and poor farmers in Simthali Nepal that deserve to have a sustainable future from economic, climate and environmental degradation.


New Growth want to help people form a new relationship with the landscape they live in and help them to take the steps to get out of the poverty trap that they find themselves in.  Fruit and nut trees will not just help them but also improve the health of their communities overall.  Together with the reforestation process, our vision is that each tree planted will improve the lives of people one tree at a time, your support and understanding will make this happen.


The dream of trees for food is about taking a responsible approach to third world countries where environmental changes in the future will challenge us to change our attitude of how we grow our food.  With these changes, unfortunately, some get left behind. Poorer farmers fall into this category.  In order to protect their land so that they can sustain themselves now and the in the future, for their children and their children’s children, these farmers need better advice and education so this can be achieved. This is our goal.


Fruit trees and reforestation mean food, shelter, nutrition, medicine,  environmental balance and community sustainability to enable the poor to have a more balanced and productive environment to live in.  This process also has the ability to bring about a new life-force within the communities we serve and also the ability to change the environmental devastation that the poorest countries continually have to endure.


Interview Sitaram, leader New Growth in Nepal

Interview Urmila, farmer


Main tree planting sites