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Posted on 2022-10-03

World Vegetarian Day

Around the world, about one in ten persons identify as vegetarians. October 1 is a celebration of these people and their diet, as it’s World Vegetarian Day. The International Vegetarian Union (IVU) supported it in 1978 after the North American Vegetarian Society (NAVS) created it…

Posted on 2022-09-19

Protect, Conserve, Prevent and Reverse: A Timely Refresher

When we talk about taking action against the environmental disasters caused by global warming and human activities, conversations mainly focus on either conservation, restoration, or protection. Sustainability, though, needs all three concepts to work hand in hand to be effective in any capacity.  As a…

Posted on 2022-09-08

How to Turn Climate Anxiety into Action

It is deeply painful to see and experience what is happening on the planet right now. Pakistan, for example, has been bearing the brunt of the global climate crisis this month, experiencing devastating floods that have destroyed a whopping 1.2 million homes. In the face…

Posted on 2022-08-04

Mental Models to Surpass While Investing in ESG

There’s a pervasive notion that small steps toward sustainability are good enough. But when they don’t add up to meaningful large-scale outcomes, frustration ensues. Effort without returns makes people think that maybe there’s really no meaning to fighting for sustainability in the workplace. Because of…

Posted on 2022-06-14

10 Principles of Ecosystem Restoration

The decade we’re currently in — from 2021 to 2030 — was recently declared the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration by the United Nations General Assembly. This decision was made in response to the urgent need to stop and reverse ecological degradation. It also…

Posted on 2022-06-07

Everything about World Ocean Day 2022

One Ocean, One Climate, One Future — Together. That’s the tagline for World Ocean Day 2022, which is celebrated (as always) on the 8th of June. This year’s celebrations and campaigns are shaping up to be the most impactful ones yet. The United Nation’s official theme…

Posted on 2022-05-02

Making Ecocide an International Crime

Throughout the years, human activities have harmed ecological resources in the name of “development.” Ecological deterioration was long observed as a mere side effect of progressing in other walks of life. However, we’re all aware that, now, the issue of environmental destruction is increasingly gaining…

Posted on 2022-04-07

How Gen Z is Setting the Pace for Climate Action

Although climate change has been a cause for concern across generations, the way Generation Z has been addressing is markedly different. In a US-specific research survey, a whopping 76% considered climate change as the top among their biggest concerns.  Millennials and Gen Z-ers are talking…

Posted on 2022-02-22

Climate Alarmism Can Hurt: Here are Some Alternatives

There are hundreds of conversations about climate change today, but they tend to take an overwhelmingly similar tone: that of pessimism and doom-saying. Phrases like “billions of lives will be lost” and “the world will end in X years” are bandied about to stress the…

Posted on 2022-01-19

The Indigenous Land Back movement and the planet

If you’ve been on social media or have been attuned to socio-political and environmental movements, you would have heard of the term “Land Back.” It may seem like a simple term, but it carries a tonne of weight for Indigenous peoples and has a history…

Posted on 2021-11-29

The Benefits of Plant-Based Diets and Links to Agroforestry

There’s a lot of information about diets: healthy diets, high-protein diets, lactose-free diets. But there’s one type of diet that is unequivocally good for the environment and your body, and that’s a plant-based diet.  November 1st marks World Vegan Day, a day when vegans worldwide…

Posted on 2021-11-11

What Are Planetary Boundaries, And Why Are They Significant?

Earth wasn’t always as unstable as we see it today. Its environment had been relatively stable for thousands of years. Although minor and natural alterations kept happening, the overall environment was feasible for human existence. During this period, civilizations prospered, and the planet was thriving….