More trees,

more impact

Plant a forest!

Wouldn’t it be great to plant a forest, give it your name, have all details of all trees of that forest and even have the possibility to gift the trees to your stakeholders?


Now you can.


Once you order a forest with a minimum of 1000 trees, EcoMatcher will work with its vetted and trusted tree planting partners and will plant your forest. Every tree of that forest will be captured with EcoMatcher’s TreeCorder technology and will be available for you to use through the EcoMatcher platform.


Your stakeholders can visit their trees of your forest, and can see not only can see their own trees, but now can also see the rest of the forest their trees belong to.


Through drone technology, EcoMatcher is able to give regular updates on the forest, so you can keep their stakeholders informed on the impact they have made.


Last but not least, EcoMatcher can now also offer you the possibility of showing your forest in your website, e.g. under the section CSR or sustainability.

Examples of a forest

Step by step

1. Order the forest

Send us a request to plant a forest for you. We will immediately get back to you and start planting your forest, tree by tree, with our tree planting foundation partner. Please note that it can take up to 4 weeks to get your forest.

2. Prepare a campaign

You can consider what you want to do with the trees of your forest, e.g. gift the trees as reward, corporate gift or loyalty program. We can help you building a successful campaign if you like.

3. Start gifting

After all your trees are planted and recorded with EcoMatcher’s technology, you can start gifting right away. It is that simple.

4. Get updates

Keep track of your forest growth with drones. We partner with the best local drone companies able to make amazing footage.