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The forests listed below are readily available for immediate adoption, and pre-financed by EcoMatcher. Upon purchase, you will receive all trees over email and you can start using TreeManager for gifting instantly. It’s never been easier to plant a company forest!

Forest name Wood for Good Uganda
Number of trees 1000
NGO Tree Adoption Uganda
Price $3,390.00
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Forest name Wood for Good India
Number of trees 1000
NGO Say Trees
Price $4,390.00
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Interested in planting a forest in a different location?

Not a problem! EcoMatcher plants trees in more than 12 countries around the world. Message us at the link below and we will work together with you to plant a forest with one of our tree-planting partners globally.

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Plant Your Own Company Forest!

Plant a forest in your name, view all details of your forest with ForestTracker, and digitally gift the trees to your employees and customers. Your tree recipients will then be able to virtually visit their trees and see where their trees are in the company forest.

Step by step

1. Buy instantly or request your forest

Either buy a forest instantly online, or send us a request to plant a forest for you. We will immediately get back to you with the possibilities.

2. Start gifting

After your forest has been planted and captured with EcoMatcher’s technology, you can start digitally gifting trees right away with our TreeManager. It is that simple.

3. Share your ForestTracker

We will give you your own ForestTracker, a single URL that shows you all the details of your forest. ForestTracker also keeps track of the carbon sequestration of your forest. Share your ForestTracker on your website (using “iframe technology”) or share with your stakeholders.