Adopt a Forest!

Wouldn’t it be great to adopt a forest, give it your name, have all details of all trees of that forest and even have the possibility to gift the trees to your stakeholders?


Now you can.


Once you order a forest with a minimum of 1000 trees, EcoMatcher will work with its vetted and trusted tree planting partners and will plant your forest. Every tree of that forest will be captured with TreeCorder and will be available for you to use through the EcoMatcher platform.


Your stakeholders can visit the trees of your forest, and through EcoMatcher’s TreeChat even can talk to the trees, making sustainability fun and engaging.


EcoMatcher will give regular updates on your forest, so you can keep your stakeholders up to date on the impact you have made.

How Does It Work?

Start Planting
Set Campaign
Start Gifting
Get Update
  1. You order the forest;
  2. We start planting with our partner;
  3. You can consider what you want to do with your forest, e.g. gift as reward, corporate gift or loyalty program;
  4. Start gifting! You have numerous ways to gift at your disposal;
  5. Get regular updates on your forest.

Please note that it can take up to three months to get your forest, but that is probably the same time as putting a professional marketing campaign together!


Please contact us.