Trees4Trees, Indonesia

The organisation

Trees4Trees is part of the Sustainable Green Earth Foundation (Yayasan Bumi Hijau Lestari), a non-profit organization working to renew the environment and empower local communities through reforestation and education.


By helping rural communities get started in smallholder forestry, they create sustainable prosperity and by doing so, they build the foundations for sustainable forests. Enabled with high-quality seedlings and technical guidance, local communities become part of the solution.


Trees4Trees produces seedlings of high-value species, which are distributed to local farmers free of charge, along with technical guidance on planting, good forestry practices, and education on the benefits of a healthy environment. The trees are recorded and monitored on a continuing basis.


Trees4Trees™ works to improve the environment and the lives of people in local communities through planting trees, education, and related services, and by doing so, create value for all stakeholders in the stream of our activities.


Accomplishment 6,472,068 Trees planted
Social Impacts 38,768 Families helped


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