Trees for Kenya

Country: Kenya

The organisation

Trees for Kenya is a Non-Governmental organization formed in the year 2012. The organization has been working with communities living adjacent our natural forests to restore some of the most degraded areas through planting of indigenous tree species, working with communities to plant trees on their farms i.e. farm forestry and working with school through school greening programmes. We have imparted many people through earning income from trees raised in the nurseries, providing farmers with nitrogen fixing trees which improves their soil fertility and also planting trees for fodder leaves, mulching, bee forage, live fences, wind breaks, fruits, nutrition and shade.


The organization has also been involved in undertaking trainings in agroforestry techniques aimed at helping farmers manage their farms in sustainable ways for for purposes of improving livelihoods and increasing income. Besides that, the organization has undertaken sensitization especially for communities living adjacent our natural forest for proposes of conserving the forest, reducing deforestation and reporting illegal activities within the forest.


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