Trees for Kenya, Kenya

The organisation

Trees for Kenya is a Non-Governmental Organization formed in 2012. The organization works with communities living adjacent to natural forests to restore some of the most degraded areas through the planting of indigenous tree species and also by planting trees on their farms. Trees for Kenya also collaborates with schools through school greening programs. Through their tree planting programs, they have empowered many people by providing opportunities to earn income from trees raised in nurseries. Additionally, they provide farmers with nitrogen-fixing trees, which improve soil fertility, and plant trees for fodder leaves, mulching, bee forage, live fences, windbreaks, fruits, nutrition, and shade.


The organization is also involved in providing training in agroforestry techniques aimed at helping farmers manage their farms sustainably, thereby improving livelihoods and increasing income. Furthermore, the organization conducts sensitization campaigns, especially for communities living adjacent to natural forests, to promote forest conservation, reduce deforestation, and encourage reporting of illegal activities within the forest. Since its establishment, Trees for Kenya has supported over 400 tree nurseries, planted more than 2 million trees on local farms, planted over 250 thousand trees in local forests, impacted more than 9 thousand families, and contributed to over 100 thousand greening programs with local schools.


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