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TRCRC’s mission is two-fold: to preserve tropical rainforest plant species and lead landscape-wide protection and reforestation projects throughout the country. Equally, we are striving to rescue threatened plant species from the effects of forest fragmentation, creating a viable reserve for future reforestation efforts. TRCRC aims to rescue and reintroduce endangered, rare, threatened and endangered tree species back into their native habitats through our Banun Tropical Rainforest Living Collection (TRLC Banun), Merisuli Tropical Rainforest Living Collection (TRLC Merisuli) and Elmina Living Collection Nursery (ELCN).


TRCRC is committed to restoring degraded patches of Malaysian rainforest through the establishment of ex-situ living collections and extensive awareness and outreach programmes. The combined capacity of TRLC Banun, TRLC Merisuli, and ELCN will support TRCRC’s long-term goal to improve the status of endangered tree species on the IUCN Red List and preserve Malaysia’s forests.


Equally, TRCRC strives to conduct public outreach programmes that improve conservation value and awareness through environmental education. Our programmes will aim to target the local community residents, school children and university students and the wider general public. We constantly collaborate with other green NGOs and relevant agencies to jointly improve public knowledge on the importance of the forest, developing positive attitudes toward conservation and promoting further action toward conservation.


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