Say Trees, India

The organisation

SayTrees in India is a professionally run group of ordinary people extraordinarily determined to protect the environment not just by themselves but also by sensitizing others to the importance of environmental conservation and persuading them to participate in tree-plantation campaigns. Though it started as a weekend pursuit in 2007, SayTrees has planted more than 6 million saplings and helped more than 250 local farmers.


SayTrees spearheads a variety of initiatives including research, education, sensitization, and advocacy around the importance of environmental preservation and tree plantation. The group thrives on its vast volunteer base that runs into thousands, from young children to busy professionals, housewives, and retired citizens. Today, SayTrees organizes tree plantations and water conservation projects across several Indian cities.


SayTrees proactively engages in identifying potential areas for plantation, keeping in mind the biodiversity and ecological milieu of the local area. They try to ensure that the local communities reap multifold benefits; besides restoring the green cover, the trees also provide them with fruits, flowers, leaves, etc, commonly used in community life.


Main tree planting sites