Plant Your Future

Country: Peru

The organisation

Founded by Jenny Henman, Plant Your Future works in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest with smallholder farmers to restore deforested and degraded land to rainforest cover through planting native fruit and timber trees, and indigenous crops. The grassroots model developed by Plant Your Future addresses a significant driver of deforestation — poverty — by putting the resources and knowledge needed for sustainable tree agriculture into the hands of disadvantaged smallholder farmers in the Peruvian Amazon who have so often missed out on global investment in farming, forestry and climate change mitigation projects.


Farmers are empowered to restore their land with agroforestry and improve their income and livelihoods with harvests from sustainable rainforest fruits, timber and carbon credits. Working at the grassroots to improve livelihoods and incomes is reducing the threat of deforestation, fighting climate change while also providing vital habitat for the incredible biodiversity of the Amazon.


Jenny Henman, Founder Plant Your Future


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