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Trees in Zuellig Pharma’s Forest


Extending Zuellig Pharma’s commitment to Respecting the Environment, the company will match 1:1 every tree you purchase in ZP Forest up to 1,000 trees. For example, if you adopt a tree for US$3.49, you will receive 2 trees from the Forest that you can name after yourself or your loved ones. Just like the impact of climate change, ZP Forest transcends geographic boundaries, with trees planted in the Philippines and Indonesia.


Please use your work email address when registering your tree.


The trees you are adopting are planted in Duren Sawit, Indonesia by T4T, a non-profit organization/NGO in Indonesia.


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Number of Trees :

How it works

Once you have purchased the trees, you can immediately do the following:
  • Look at all the trees and the farmers who planted the trees.
  • Start gifting using numerous tools, see below some examples:

Create and send custom emails linked to trees.


Download an Excel spreadsheet containing tree links.

QR Code

Generate QR codes linked to your trees.


Design TreeCards (7*5 inch) with QR codes linked to trees.