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Dear Grabbers,


Thank you for contributing to the GrabforGood Forest. You may now purchase the trees that you had committed to during the GrabForward event here (as shared in the company email). The trees purchased can also be used for gifting.


The trees you are adopting are planted in Pati, Indonesia by T4T, a non-profit organization/NGO in Indonesia.


Learn more about this partner >>


If you have any questions, please reach out to me at and I will be happy to assist.


Number of Trees :

How it works

Once you have purchased the trees, you can immediately do the following:
  • Look at all the trees and the farmers who planted the trees.
  • Start gifting using numerous tools, see below some examples:

Create and send custom emails linked to trees.


Download an Excel spreadsheet containing tree links.

QR Code

Generate QR codes linked to your trees.


Design TreeCards (7*5 inch) with QR codes linked to trees.