Every tree makes a difference..

a billion trees makes change

Together with partners from all over the UAE,

we are collectively planting one billion trees by 2025 to change the future.

EcoMatcher’s blockchain enabled digital platform makes this the most transparent and auditable tree-planting initiative across our planet.

Together planting one billion trees

Identify every tree planted with its unique ID and geolocation.

Every tree planted is captured with EcoMatcher’s technology. You will know the precise location, the date of planting, the species, and even the farmer who planted the tree.

Know everything about each tree, such as its species, plant date, farmer and more.

Once you have travelled to your tree, you can learn more, e.g. about the tree species, the local weather, and the carbon sequestered of the tree.

Travel virtually to each tree from your phone.

You can virtually travel to every tree using satellite maps on EcoMatcher’s web-based TreeTracker and on its iOS/Android app.

Chat with each tree.

Every tree is chat-bot powered! You can ask all kinds of questions, like what does the tree eat or drink, whether the tree has friends and enemies, and more. It is really fun!

“This is a precious world and each of us can use our actions and our voice to save our planet.”

– David Attenborough

Meet the team

Karen Storey

OBTI Project Director

Karen Storey is CEO of The Storey Group, a UAE based advisory firm spearheading the OBTI campaign by enabling government and private sector clients to transparently tackle the climate crisis whilst strengthening connections with their staff, their clients and their wider community. The Storey Group will work hand-in-hand with OBTI community to maximise your participation, engagement and impact.

“Making a difference to the global climate change crisis takes collaboration and commitment. With the launch of the OBTI campaign we can help to mobilise our collective efforts to make a real difference. We are delighted to be working with companies in the UAE from all sectors to make a real sustainable and sustainable difference.”

CEO Storey Group

Charul Chaturvedi Jaitly

OBTI Advisory Board Member

Mātiti Green wishes to create a legacy for younger generations to follow, where everyone lives in a cleaner environment with fresh air to breathe, where nature and humans co-exist in harmony. Mātiti’s collaboration with OBTI will enable them to achieve this together and we are supremely thrilled to be championing this cause together!

“OBTI is a remarkable initiative and is a purpose-driven cause. With Mātiti’s mission of being a negative carbon footprint company, Charul and the leadership at Mātiti are delighted to be walking the talk together with OBTI in delivering the one billion trees to the world, and setting the right examples for change.”

Managing Partner Matiti

Bas Fransen

CEO EcoMatcher

EcoMatcher was founded by Bas Fransen in Hong Kong in 2017. Bas had a long and successful career in Asia with Philips, IBM, and ASML but he wanted to build a legacy that used his technology background to make a difference whilst also building a company. He is the author of the book ‘Ideas to Fight the Climate Crisis – Sustainable Resolutions for a Business’ and EcoMatcher are featured in the upcoming film ‘The Last Glaciers’ by renowned filmmaker Craig Leeson​.

“We are delighted to be partnering with the OBTI to offer our services to amazing companies in the UAE, hopefully encouraging those companies to plants more trees, whilst at the same time improving the relationships with their stakeholders.”

CEO EcoMatcher

Want to join us and make difference?

Get in touch with us to learn more


Why One Billion Trees?

At first, it was because we really liked the sound of it, but as we learned that trees can be truly transformational. Not only are they the lungs of our planet, but trees provide additional benefits like employment, self-sufficiency, and economic growth.

What happens next?

After you get in touch with us, we will send you a short presentation about the One Billion Trees Initiative (OBTI) that is easy to understand and share with friends and colleagues.

How can I help?

Every change starts with just one person. You can help us by:

✔ Introducing us to someone in your organization who would support the One Billion Trees Initiative (OBTI) by supporting tree planting and use trees e.g. for corporate gifting -, employee engagement -, rewards -, loyalty – programs.

✔ Giving the gift of a tree to someone important to you: for a new born baby, as a holiday gift or even in memoriam of a loved one (you can even “name” a tree).

✔ Promoting the One Billion Trees Initiative (OBTI) on social media by sharing our message and motto.

About EcoMatcher

EcoMatcher plants trees and complete forests with vetted foundations / NGOs from around the world and specialized in tree planting. Through technology, EcoMatcher knows everything about every tree planted offering full transparency. Digital tools are provided that enables companies to use trees in their businesses as e.g. rewards (trees as a reward for finishing a market survey), gifting (trees as a meaningful corporate gift), employee engagement (every employee gets a tree from the company forest), and transparent carbon offsetting (offset your carbon footprint with a precise number of trees).

EcoMatcher‘s blockchain-enabled digital platform makes this the most transparent and auditable tree-planting initiative across our planet.