Country: Jordan

The organisation

Menaqua B.V. was founded in 2019 and is established in the Netherlands. Menaqua is a steadily developing land restoration business, building on a solid footing in the MENA region through our local partners, with primary focus on Jordan and Lebanon, and is exploring possibilities in Palestine, Egypt, UAE and Morocco. Menaqua’s mission is to build positive relationships between nature and people. By building positive attitudes towards nature, we ensure that local communities share our vision of green, restored and healthy landscapes in the Middle East.


The main aim of the company is to help restore the biodiversity value of the degraded lands in the MENA countries though reforestation and smart agroforestry practices. We provide innovative solutions to some of the critical problems in the MENA region, such as low water availability, low seedling survival rate and poor soil quality. In our tree planting initiatives, we use innovative Dutch technology (cocoon technology) and scientific expertise for planting trees and restoring vegetation with 70% lower irrigation requirement and 70-80% higher survival rate in comparison to conventional methods. Our unique innovative restoration technology gives these areas back their original green status within the boundaries of the climatological circumstances.


Our projects focus on both biodiversity and people, in the reforestation initiatives we work together with local partners and Ministries which ensures that our planting sites are well managed after project implementation. Similarly, in our agroforestry tree planting projects we encourage local farmers to use the cocoon technology to plant indigenous fruit & nut trees, which helps them reduce costs of water use and in the long term will provide them with a sustainable income. In this way we guarantee that the planted trees are maintained and managed by the local communities for an extended period. Menaqua believes that long term support and follow up in the tree planting areas strongly enhances restoration success.


“One plants a pistachio tree for one’s grandchildren “



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