Send trees to other accounts and let them use the trees for gifting.

Send trees to other

accounts for gifting

With this tool you can give your each of your clients trees that they can use for gifting for their own customers. You only have to enter their email addresses and the number of trees you would like to give and EcoMatcher will do the rest; we will invite those customers to the EcoMatcher platform and give them access to all the tools we offer here in TreeManager, such as TreeCards. We developed this tool especially for B2B companies.

Step by step

1. Enter the recipient details

In this step you can enter the email addresses of recipients that should receive trees. You can also enter the number of trees you want to send per recipient.

2. Send the trees

EcoMatcher will check if the email address are in correct format and that you have sufficient amount of trees in your account. After the trees have been sent successfully, you and the tree recipients will get a notification email.