• CO2 stands for Carbon Dioxide and is a gas.
  • CO2 is primarily coming from fossil fuel combustion (e.g. cars, airplanes), deforestartion and industrial processes.
  • Examples:
    • 1 hour flying time per person = 250 kg CO2 produced.*
    • 1 kilometer traveled by a standard petrol vehicle = 0.25 kg CO2 produced.**
  • Too much CO2 creates a “blanket” in the air around the globe, preventing earth to cool down resulting in rising temperatures.
  • Rising temperatures result in rising sea levels, more droughts and typhoons, just to name a few.
Why Trees?
  • Trees love CO2.
  • One tree “eats” 250 kg CO2 over its lifetime.***
  • Trees take CO2 out of the air and help the earth to stay cool.