My Bhutan, Bhutan

The organisation

MyBhutan is a social enterprise co-founded by His Royal Highness Jigyel Ugyen Wangchuck and Matthew R. DeSantis with a deep-seated commitment to empowering local communities, conserving the environment and promoting sustainability in the Kingdom of Bhutan.


One of MyBhutan’s core objectives is to nurture Bhutan’s forests and encourage local businesses to be proactive conservators and ‘regenerators’ of their surroundings. In Buddhism, a tree symbolizes the journey that a human seeks towards enlightenment. MyBhutan’s journey begins by reforesting degraded land and demonstrating the community value of protecting the wilderness.


In addition to its commitment to conserving the forests, MyBhutan also funds and implements various other nonprofit projects including a historic national preservation initiative co-led with Princess Kesang T. Choden Wangchuck to document, digitize and archive Bhutan’s tangible cultural art and religious history, endangered species wildlife protection projects, the introduction of baseball in Bhutan and the development of its youth and adult programs, and the founding of The Explorers Club Bhutan Chapter which aims to cultivate local talent for science and exploration.


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