Alliance for International Reforestation Guatemala

Country: Guatemala

The organisation

The mission of the Alliance for International Reforestation Guatemala (AIR), is to implement educational programs and agroforestry methods in Guatemala in order to protect water sources, prevent mudslides, reduce erosion and provide more nutritious crops while protecting the Earth. AIR also provides brick stoves with chimneys preventing lung diseases.


Founded by Anne Hallum, AIR helps people in Guatemala by establishing a better, more sustainable quality of life through tree-planting. AIR technicians, who are Guatemalan professionals, educate indigenous farmers about proper tree-planting and agroforestry that will provide sustainable farming as well as protection from frequent and dangerous mudslides.


The native trees planted by local volunteers and farmers help preserve important forests, which have a tremendous impact on the villages. To date, AIR Guatemala has planted over 5 million trees and has helped over 3000 families.


Among numerous awards, in 2011 AIR won the CNN Heroes award, a program created by CNN to honor individuals who make extraordinary contributions to humanitarian aid and make a difference in their communities. The UN Development Programme (UNDP) announced on the 29th of June 2017 the winners of the Equator Prize 2017, recognizing AIR and 14 other local and indigenous communities from Africa, Asia, and Latin America.


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