Basatin Landscaping, UAE

The organisation

Established in 2013 and based in Abu Dhabi, Basatin Landscaping is committed to fostering a sustainable environment and empowering local communities through sustainable practices. Basatin partners closely with its clients to offer comprehensive solutions that augment the beauty and vitality of the natural surroundings.


A special emphasis is placed on the nurturing and reforestation of mangroves as a vital and indigenous component of the UAE’s landscape. By fostering mangrove growth, Basatin is not only preserving a crucial part of the region’s ecological heritage but also facilitating local communities to be active participants in environmental conservation.


Basatin provides end-to-end mangrove services embodying a holistic approach that extends from meticulous planning to successful execution. From nursery development and management to the involvement of the immersive community, every initiative is a step towards fostering a deeper bond between individuals and nature. This journey facilitates a meaningful transfer of knowledge that benefits generations to come. Adopting innovative strategies, Basatin ensures a lifecycle approach to not only protect but also enhance the rich biodiversity that mangroves shelter with an eye on a long-term sustainable impact.


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