Kindle Book: Ideas to Fight the Climate Crisis

Interested in getting ideas on how to grow your business sustainably while helping to fight the climate crisis? Ideas that help your company to increase employee engagement, customer loyalty, and satisfaction? Bas Fransen, the founder of EcoMatcher, is passionate about addressing the climate crisis with technologies and innovative business models. 

The book is grouped into three parts. The first part of articles covers a wide range of strategies and ideas for businesses to become a more sustainable company and fight the climate crisis. The second part of the book addresses the latest general climate matters and insights, whereas part three covers one of Bas’s passions: trees and forests, a climate solution with “mind-blowing potential”. 

As each article addresses different points and ideas, you can pick and choose the articles that resonate with you the most.

“Sustainability is the next big thing for all companies, but many struggle what to do with this important topic. “Ideas to Fight the Climate Crisis” provides practical learnings, insights and processes on how to implement sustainability both on a strategic and operational level into your business.”

– Tom Uiterwaal, Chairman Environment and Energy Business European Council (EEBC) of the European Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, CEO of Reconergy (Hong Kong) Ltd.