How It Works

The following steps can be distinguished:


① Farmers plant the trees; tree data incl. GPS is recorded with our TreeCorder app.

② Tree records and digital tools are easily accessible via our API based TreeManager.

③ Trees can be used for reward, engagement, loyalty and carbon offset programs.

④ Trees can be tracked with TreeTracker. You can even chat with the trees (NEW)!


Please find in below paragraphs an example and details on TreeCorder, TreeManager, TreeTracker and our API.

Example of Usage

An example of how to use EcoMatcher’s platform:


–  Send a thank you e-mail to your customer. The e-mail contains an embedded Track Your Tree(s) button. The look and feel of the e-mail can be customised in TreeManager.


–  Once your customer receives your email and selects Track Your Tree(s), a landing page will be loaded offering a number of options. The trees can be named, a PDF certificate can be downloaded, more trees can be adopted so one can build his or her own forest and once your customer selects Track Tree(s), he or she will automatically travel with TreeTracker to his or her adopted tree(s).


–  In TreeTracker, the customer can learn more about the tree(s), the farmer(s) and can share the experience on social media.


TreeCorder is an Android app for tree-planting organizations to register newly planted trees and the planters planting the trees.


The TreeCorder app makes it incredibly easy for tree-planting organizations to take photos of each tree once they are planted. The app e.g. automatically registers the GPS coordinates, the date of planting and assigns a unique number to the tree.


TreeCorder can work in an offline mode and can upload data to the cloud when the planters get back to a mobile network or Wi-Fi, even if those networks are poor and have low bandwidth.


Sample screen shots of TreeCorder.


With TreeManager you can:


① Adopt / buy trees from different tree planting organizations;

② Look in detail at the trees you adopted;

③ Customize the TreeTracker experience (e.g. add company logo, add social media details);

④ Send trees to your stakeholders through EcoMatcher’s platform OR integrate with EcoMatcher’s API* and send trees from your own platform.


(*) Application Programming Interface, see below.


Example of trees recorded with TreeCorder and individually viewed in TreeManager.


TreeTracker is a web application EcoMatcher has developed using satellite maps. TreeTracker shows the user the precise location of the tree adopted, the farmer who is taking care of it, and much more. You can (social media) share the experience amplifying e.g. your tree gifting initiative.


EcoMatcher offers companies the possibility to integrate the TreeTracker in their digital web domain.




Our tree gifting API offers a flexible way to integrate giving and sharing trees with your customers in your own solutions. Through standardized REST requests new adopted trees can be reserved for your customers. Optionally we send them an email to inform them. Of course you can also choose to do this yourself using the tree identification details that the API returns.


EcoMatcher’s own systems use the same API. If you are interested to integrate your systems with EcoMatcher’s or would like to build your own custom solution, please contact us for API access credentials.