Earth Day (April 22) Demands For A Transformative 2020

Every year since 1970 on 22nd April, we observe Earth Day a global event to raise awareness about the impacts of climate change. The founder Gaylord Nelson came up with the idea for a national day in the United States. He wanted to show that there was widespread support for political agenda centered on environmental issues. The event was wildly successful, with more than 20 million people participating. The event witnessed massive demonstrations and rallies, highlighting the concern for environmental change.

After two decades in 1990, the event became a global campaign for environmental change with 200 million people mobilized in 141 countries. It also paved the way for the first United Nations Earth Summit 1992 in Rio de Janeiro. Earth Day 2000 saw the celebration on a scale never seen before with 5000 environmental groups coming together in 184 countries reaching out to hundreds of millions of people. This time the campaign focuses on global warming, clean energy, and how to reduce carbon footprint.

Earth Day is gaining momentum and at the same time managing to influence the world leaders to focus more on sustainable development. To commemorate the 50th year of Earth Day in 2020, the Earth Day Network is coming together to bring forth a set of goals to ensure sustainable development in the 21st century.

Earth Day 2020, April 22

According to Denis Hayes, the organizer of the first Earth Day has gone on record to state that despite having done so much for environmental progress, it is not enough. There are other more dire challenges like the loss of biodiversity to climate change and plastic pollution. There is an urgent need for action at all levels of the government. Acknowledging the urgency of the situation, the theme of Earth Day 2020 is “Climate Action”. Some of the campaign highlights of this year’s Earth Day are:

The Great Global Cleanup

The Great Global Cleanup will be a worldwide environmental volunteer event to clean the neighborhoods, beaches, rivers, lakes, and parks. Millions of volunteers will be working at thousands of locations to make our earth cleaner. The campaign will also raise awareness regarding the impact that our trash causes to the environment and what can be done to reduce our waste.

Earth Challenge

Earth Challenge is scheduled to be the largest-ever global citizen science initiative. It will empower people around the world with tools to monitor and mitigate the environment. How it works is, the campaign will use a mobile app to collect billions of observations in air quality, plastic pollution and insect populations that will provide valuable environmental insight to promote policy change in those areas.

Foodprint of the Future

Foodprint of the Future will be a worldwide campaign to address the negative impact of our food system, especially unsustainable food wastage. Food production and consumption are rapidly deteriorating the planet. Our food system is the source for more than a fourth of all greenhouse gas emissions, making animal farming one of the most significant contributors to global warming. The purpose of this campaign is to highlight the different ways individuals and institutions can make changes in their food habits to make a positive impact on their foodprints.

Artists for the Earth

Artists for the Earth will be an attempt to bring arts organizations and artists around the world to come together for our planet. Some artists are influential individuals, and when they talk, people listen. The campaign is to encourage them to use their power and influence to save our planet, being an inspiration to act to protect the Earth.

How can you contribute?

You can sign up for any of the campaigns that are part of the Earth Day 2020 and commit to the responsibility it calls for. These campaigns are organized in several locations, therefore, making it easier for you to locate one right near you. Or get in touch with companies like EcoMatcher to plant trees or complete forests and use the trees for corporate gifts, rewards or for employee engagement. It will make a difference in our fight to save Earth.


It has been five years since the Paris Agreement was signed. It is not an exaggeration to state that 2020 is the year of action before it is too late. The IPCC report on global warming has clearly stated that if we do not act now, we are consigning the current and future generations to a dangerous future.